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About Victoria

Vicki Harr– President, CEO

Victoria (Vicki) Harr is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has taught the Bible for over 30 years with a particular passion for all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She has served on support staff with Shiloh Youth Revival Centers, Franky Schaeffer V (“Whatever Happened to the Human Race?”), World Wide Pictures (“Joni”), and the Salvation Army. She and her husband reside in San Diego, California, and are active members in New Hope Church where she currently teaches on spiritual gifts.

Victoria has been in ministry since 1970:

· Teaching/discipling one-on-one
· Teaching Bible classes of various sizes
· Speaking at retreats and women's teas
· Leading prophetic evangelistic teams
· Leading prayer walks emphasizing "Listening Prayer" 

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Information to know when inviting Victoria
Speaking style:         
Teaching with scriptures, stories and personal prophetic words

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My Goal

I believe my calling is to help Christians identify and experience all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  By discovering and experiencing your gifts, you will encounter indescribable joy in your walk as God surprises you when you least expect it.

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